Service Support / After-Sales Service
Below are the discontinued models and the dates of production stoppage.
(The dates we stopped mass-production, for main models only)
The compliance periods of "Service Support" / "After Service" are the seven years after the dates of production stoppage.
The compliance periods of "Machine modification" are the same as above.
There may be a case that we cannot accept repairing depending on the stock availability of parts such as electric devices.

  • SX-121,141,141C Series

    • Dec.31.2000

  • SX1100 Series

    • Sep.30.2004

  • SX1200 Series

    • Sep.30.2002 *Varies depending on the version

  • SX1400 Series

    • Dec.31.2002

  • SX1700 Series

    • Mar.31.2002

  • SX4800 Series

    • Dec.31.2013

  • SX3100(S20) Series

    • Dec.31.2014

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